Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tonight my house is filled to the roofline with junior-high schoolers and I'm being deafened by the incessant giggling, the monkey-like howling, and the constant rustle and crunch of bagfulls of potato-chips being emptied and devoured.

There's only six of them, but it's a hoarde, believe me.

Today is Severin's belated 13th birthday party. He didn't have a celebration in December because all his friends were going away on holiday. So, we put it off until today.

They're all nice kids- don't get me wrong. The excitement of the Wii and the sugar from the soft-drinks just has everyone a little over-stimulated. (And yes, the boy to the left of Severin is in his class and is his age. )
As is so often the case, poor JP is missing out on all the fun. I drove him to the airport in Geneva this morning and he's gone off to Burkina.
He won't be back for a month. So, there's no help for me as I try to get dinner for nine on the table tonight.


La Framéricaine said...

You are one good mamma, BurkinaMom! The youngsters are all so cute. Thirteen is a teenager. I remember when Le Framéricain's grand-daughter Anastasia turned thirteen and there was no word for teenager in French. I thought, "What's the fun of that?!" January 23rd will be the 13th birthday of Le F's grandson, Maxime. Neat...

Take good care of yourself during your husband's hiatus.


oreneta said...

A month! Gak....hope you and the teens pull through the evening, should be...ummmm....loud.