Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yet another astoundingly beautiful day in the French Alps!!!
I spent most of out on what I have christened the "Degu Slope". Why should bunnies have all the fun?
This morning Alexa left behind the easy slopes down below and took the chairlift up to the red and blue slopes. She's skiing like a real pro already!
And Mallory has made huge progress as well. As someone with zero "need for speed", she has never been a lover of roller coasters or any other kind of scary experience that other people think of as "fun". And she really didn't see the point of sliding extremely fast down a hill. But she's a good sport and gave it a chance.
Today, she even abandoned the Degu Slope and started taking the platter lift up. She had been very nervous of the lift, but by the end of the day, she was going on it on her own with no problems.
I had to look up the word for this type of ski lift in English. I only knew it by it's French name: "tire-fesses", which translates as (This is true. I swear.) butt-puller.
Here's a very short video filmed up at Les Haberes. It shows kids using the infamous tire-fesses and gives you a look at the place where I'm spending a lot of my time these days.


Pardon My French said...

Good for both of them, especially Mallory. My first experience with the "platter lift" (I just learned what it was called in English, thank you) was in Japan and after 5 minutes I had quite a line of people behind me, all helpfully shouting instructions in Japanese that I didn't understand. Quite comedic and in the end I just gave up so people could continue skiing.

La Framéricaine said...

The children look radiant and I love your French expression for the day. Don't you worry, ma chère, I will never forget tire-fesses!

Beth said...

I had to smile at the mental picture of a bemused American being coached in tire-fesses use by well-meaning Japanese skiiers. Too funny!

And Pam- I'm glad to be adding to that French vocabulary you will so soon be needing!