Friday, March 06, 2009

The heating fuel was delivered today at noon!! I am SO pleased, you can't imagine. It's still snowing here, so a day and a half is a loooong time to go without central heat and hot water.

It took me a while to get the heater going agin. I spent quite a long time down in the freezing cellar working on it. It was a bit ....frustrating, would be the polite word, I guess.
It went like this:
1. Turn on power
2. Push button to start burner
3. Purge the fuel line
4. Burner shuts down almost immediately
5. Curse and rail at your unjust and dismal fate
6. Wait two minutes and repeat steps 1 through 5 about 20 times.


babzee said...

Sharing my computer with our unpaying lodgers means that I am sometime three posts behind in reading your blog - not that I want you to slow down! Heavens, child, keep warm, keep chickens, huddle together and keep writing!

Beth said...

Maybe if you read my blog three or four posts at a time, that will give it more of an epic sweep.

Or possibly not... {goes back to scribbling and huddling}

oreneta said...

Heavens bleeding lines is terrible...probably better than pottie patties drying on the walls and stoking the fires though.

Glad you got oil. and warmth.