Sunday, November 01, 2009

We just had our best Halloween celebration ever. However, as is so often the case, "best ever" involved very little sleep and I'm pretty wrecked today. A few of the guests went home after the party, but most stayed over night.
So, I had 10 pretty wound up children and teens on my hands. I finally got everyone to settle down by 2am and then went to bed myself. But I was rudely awoken at 4:30.

You know how the laughter of children is supposed to be musical and enchanting? Well, at 4:30 am, after only two and a half hours of sleep, it is so NOT.

So, I'm kind of low-energy today. But I feel motivated to share a few fun photos of the great party we had.

At the head of this post is the rather cute jack-o-lantern cake I made. I used a hexagon cake tin and then trimmed it to shape. I'm sort of proud of the stem.
For the interior, I used a boxed mix from the USA: Red Velvet. It created quite a sensation when we cut the cake, as French people aren't used to seeing dark red cakes.

Below we have a creation of Mallory's- the ever-popular candy spider-web, complete with giant spider:

The kids and I made all the food and then Valentine had fun making funny labels for all the dishes. The tiny, croissant-wrapped hotdogs were labeled: Steamed Baby Mummies. tIf you look closely, you can see their tiny, mustard-dot eyes:

( As you can see on the sign, she wrote in French. I'm giving translations.) We also ate: Mashed Grasshoppers, Bat Paté Sandwiches, Baboon Brains, Roasted Witch Fingers, Griffin's Eyeballs, and Mini-kebabs of African Tiger Meat.
(That last one was a reference to the number of times people have said to Tya "OOH! You lived in Africa! Did you see many tigers?")
Tya even took the labels off all the drinks bottles and gave them names like "Human Blood: type AB" and " Artificially Flavored Toxic Snake Venom" . Nom!

The kids all thought the labels were brilliant.

Everyone was disguised, of course. Sev was a Goth Boy:
Mallory was supposed to be the Corpse Bridesmaid and Alexa was the Corpse Bride. The latter didn't let me get very spooky with her makeup, though. So she ended up not looking very "corpse":

Here's a bit of the general decor:
That's it for today. I have to go make dinner.
Then I might just go directly to bed...

I hope you all had a great Halloween (where applicable, of course).


babzee said...

The problem with powdering YOUR children white and expecting them to look corpsish is that ruddier people will only say "Aren't you going to make up?"

The punkin cake is to DIE for, just this once, although Red Velvet Cake was just as foreign to this New Yorker when I moved here to Atlanta 12 years ago. Now, I confess I have never SEEN a Red Velvet boxed mix -- the recipe is only to buy a chocolate mix and add ONE BOTTLE of red food coloring. My liver quails at such things, so I avoid it, and most gatherings where one will be found. Yours, however, I would have "done et".

oreneta said...

I am thinking that next year we are going to do something with fewer kids but more detail...kind of like what you have done....should be good too. I may be in touch for ideas!

They want to go to Canada next year for Halloween, must say I'm tempted. We'll have to see.

Looks fabulous.

Joy said...

Your party looks awesome!!! So much fun, and work! And you rocked the pumpkin cake... Yummy! We would have totally crashed the party for an hour if we had been any closer. ;)

I missed Halloween at home in Canada this year. Next year, all three children will be old enough to participate, and I'll have a blast!