Friday, October 30, 2009

The party preparations are in full swing. Today, we cleaned house, made lots of the food and got some of the games ready. I even managed to make a reasonably cute pumpkin-shaped cake. I'll post a pic tomorrow.
It's past 8pm now and I haven't had a moment to myself all day. What I've really wanted to do all day is relax a bit with a cup of tea and a book. That fantasy is about to become a reality in about five minutes, I think. But I just had to post this:

I was in the kitchen chatting with Valentine just before dinner. We were making mashed grasshoppers. (That's guacamole with a small sign stuck in it saying "Mashed Grasshoppers". We're getting the food ready for the Halloween party, remember?)
Suddenly, Valentine whispered "Hush mom! Listen!"
I heard light footsteps coming down the stairs and two sweet little voices singing:

Now he's dropped down to the floor
Heading for the bedroom door
Maybe he's as scared as me
Where's he gone now, I can't see

It turns out that my twin daughters know all four verses of Boris the Spider and can sing it really well.
Too cute, srsly.


oreneta said...

LOVE that song! How sweet!

You'll have to tell us how the party goes.....

Beth said...

Rocky- I'm SO sorry that I wasn't around earlier to help you with a song list. I haven't been online much and I only saw your request after your party was over. It sounds like it was a big success, though- even without specail Halloween music!