Saturday, October 03, 2009

I'm still feeling under the weather and not like writing much.
Luckily, I have plenty of pictures to share.

A couple of weeks ago, I walked home in the rain. It wasn't miserable at all. in fact, I thought it was rather nice and was inspired to take a few photos. Here's a shot that highlights some local characteristics. For example, there's a couple of billboards on the side of the barn -a common way to pick up a few euros. And under the billboards, you can see the wood stacked up for the winter. People are serious about their wood around here.

This is why our little corner of France is called "The Green Valley":

When I pass by this house, I always peek in and say "bonjour" to their "goat". It's really well-done, isn't it? I just might get inspired to make my own trompe l'oeil one of these days...
When I get to this curve in the road, I know I'm almost home. (The front edge of our house is just visible at the center of the photo)
So, as you can see, we really are out in the country. We have a few neighbors, but they're pretty scattered. But despite the sometimes sparse socialization, we keep busy.

I particularly enjoy cooking and am constantly experimenting with new recipes. Here's a raspberry chocolate tiramisu that I recently concocted with some berries from our garden.
Our garden is almost all over and done now. There are about seven cabbages left, a few beets and a single pumpkin that I'm fattening up for Halloween.
Our sole apple tree is also ready to harvest. They're just plain old red apples, but they taste amazing when you get them right off the tree. We're eating the prettiest ones out of hand and making applesauce out of all the rest
Finally- today I woke up and got to work on a special project- a birthday cake for my eldest daughter's best friend. As he's also the drummer in their rock band, I decided that he should have a drum kit cake. I'm pretty sure it's the only drum-themed cake in the Haute Savoie -possibly in all of France...


La Framéricaine said...

For a sick lady, you sure are industrious!!! I love the cake! I'm glad that you took a picture before the first slice was taken. And, of course, I love the little slices of digital life that you have posted of your beautiful corner of France in the Green Valley. I can just imagine driving down the road chanting, "I'm almost to BurkinaMom's! I'm almost to BurkinaMom's!"

Feel better soon. I'm still blowing my nose, unplugging my eyes, having random low-grade sinus headaches, and I was nowhere near as sick as you. So, take it slow and recover completely before your next mountain randonnée!


babzee said...

Oh, thank you for the tour! I truly enjoyed it.

oreneta said...

No wonder you married a Frenchman...all that gorgeous FOOD!

He would appreciate it properly.

So would I....goodness it looks amazing.

Joy said...

Lovely cake, Beth! (I really enjoy making birthday cakes, too...)

And thank you for the virtual tour! It is certainly lush where you are.

Bonne chance at the dentist today, too. I hope you feel better ASAP.

Kelly said...

I like that cake. Good job.

Hope you get back to normal soon!