Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's more fun than having a really rotten case of the flu?
How about having the flu AND having about a quarter of your maxillary 2nd premolar break off?
That's some fun.

I wasn't even doing anything- just chewing on a lightly toasted and marmite-covered bit of bread.

To top it off, the dentists around here are booked up like you wouldn't believe. I called several offices and most could only offer me an appointment around mid-October. When I finally contacted a place that would give me a slot for Monday afternoon, I was pathetically grateful.

But now it's starting to hurt more and I'm thinking that the next five days might get pretty grim...


La Framéricaine said...

Please accept my sincerest good wishes for a quick recovery from the creeping crud and tolerable pain until you get to the dentist.

I was sick starting Friday, September 11th with the have to go to bed stuff. Before that it was just a malaise from the moment my feet hit the ground in France.

Back in SoCal my first stop was Rite-Aid for NyQuil--you know the one I mean!!! I did wonder about your blog silence myself.

You have my sympathy concerning the tooth. I lost my second to the back, bottom right molar to pasta. I was chewing PASTA and it broke of so fast in my mouth that I swallowed the piece before I knew what had happened! I made them pull it because I was afraid of a root canal. Little did I know...

I hope that the dentist can do a nice crown for you and that it will happen sooner than later.

Know that I feel both of your pains and I'll be looking forward to seeing you around when you are feeling and chewing better!


oreneta said...


My very deepest sympathies.

I can't believe that none of the dentists have an emergency space. How utterly horrid.

I am impressed by how specific you are about which tooth it is!

Beth said...

Thanks so much. I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself, so all the sympathy is very welcome.

As for my knowledge of degrees are in archaeology and the coursework included lots of physical anthropology. That way you know what all those bones and teeth are when you dig them up!

Interesting true fact: bear teeth and pig teeth can look very similar- enough so to fool the novice.

an ersatz Frenchwoman said...

I had been wondering about that bear/pig teeth similarity. I'm glad you cleared that up;>D

Feel better soon. I'm still dragging myself forward daily but now I'm doing it in Plage Longue instead of Le Blanc!!!

Maryon said...

Poor you - not been your week.
You know how nasty surprises have a habit of arriving in 3's - well I suggest bed and delegation of duties until the 3rd one has reared its ugly head. Just think of all the books you could read!
Hope things improve for you.

Joy said...

I am cringing in sympathy, and hoping that you have, at the very least, some wonderful painkillers to help you feel, if not better, at least not so bad...

Heidi said...

Ugh - sorry that you're going through this. At least you're gutsy enough to go to the dentist...Graham's STILL putting off a crown that he's needed for two? three? years now.

Hoping it doesn't cause you too much pain between now and then :/