Monday, September 07, 2009

School started last week and all four of my kids had different reactions: Mallory was thrilled, Valentine pleased, Severin zen and Alexa completely distraught.

The twins just started "collège" this year- it's the equivalent of the US junior high, but goes from age 11 to 14.
As indicated by the student-generated poster above, our local collège is known for its ski and snowboard team. (I'm not sure what's up with the cow. It's not, as far as I know, a bovine-oriented school)
Anyway- Mallory, luckily, is finding her new school delightful. She's excited to be like the older kids- eating in a cafeteria, taking the bus, changing classrooms every hour, etc...

Alexa, however, is feeling stressed out over the big change. I hope that she starts perking up soon. It probably doesn't help that she's not sleeping that well.
Why is my darling not resting peacefully, you may well ask ?

Well, that would be because she and Mallory have been sleeping in the living room for the past week due to the fact that their bedroom has been invaded by wasps.

It turns out that the crack in the front of our house goes all the way in and ends up in the ceiling of the twins' bedroom. and pumping poison into it from the outside gave the wasps only one place to go...

Over the past week, I've cleared a couple hundred wasps out of their room. They're slow, sleepy, half-dead wasps and I've only been stung once...but still.

It was last Tuesday that a strange little man with two gold teeth in front came to "get rid of" the wasp/hornet problem around here. But I'm hoping the problem is finally nearly at an end. Today, I've only found about a dozen, so things are definitely slowing down.

Never a dull moment...

Also- Many thanks to all the people expressing an interest in Papiers du Sahel! The orders for products and the kind words of encouragement mean a lot to the women of the project.


oreneta said...

Only a couple of hundred wasps????

Holy jeez...what a horror show. Never ever ever dull is it.

Beth said...

Yeah- I could use some 'dull' just about now. I bet you could, too. Got all your new goodies from Canada unpacked yet?

Teacher Mommy said...

It's my first day back today, and I think I'm pleased. Thrilled is a bit much.

I'm glad 3/4 of your kids are doing well with it! And hopefully Alexa will also become at least more zen as time continues.

La Framéricaine said...

Poor babies! Thank the universe that you have a blog, otherwise this wonderful grist for the mill would just get stored away among those things about which you would one day write. This way, you are writing about it right now and we have a wonderful chance to go along for the ride! Hope the girls are able to reclaim their room soon and that school becomes a pleasure rather than a stress-inducing pain!

Bon courage les filles!