Saturday, September 05, 2009

I had better luck on the phone today and managed to get in touch with the Papiers du Sahel women! Their store and outdoor workshop are both fine. Nearly all of them escaped Tuesday's flood with no major problems. Sadly, the home of one family (Ramata's) collapsed and she and her children are now lodged in a school building with hundreds of other families. But at least they are unhurt and safe.

I chatted awhile with Haoua and learned that the women are getting pretty discouraged with the project. Sales are way down since I left the project and few orders are coming in.
I was happy to be able to tell her that things may get better in the future. This month, a French bridal magazine gave about half a page to Papiers du Sahel wedding invitations!
The women now have one small order for them, but lets hope for many more to come...
If you'd like to see what the women make and how they do it, check out this site. If you'd order, that would be even better. They can't ship tiny orders to the USA or Europe, but if you'd like to give a bunch of Papiers stuff as holiday gifts, or sell it at a craft fair/Christmas fair/whatever, you can order in quantities they can ship.
If you don't speak any French, contact me and I'll take care of the ordering for you.
(NB: If you live in Australia, order from these nice people here. If you live in Utah, visit these good folks in Logan. )


oreneta said...

There is a group here that does a lot of work to raise money for Burkina Faso, maybe they would be interested in buying some of the paper. I'll translate from catalan to Eng, then send it to you to go into French!

Beth said...

That's great! Thanks so much for making the effort!
(Catalan to English to French...We're an amazing multi-lingual powerhouse. LOL !)