Friday, April 14, 2006

The hot season is at its peak right now. Temperatures are up to 105°F/40°C each day and don’t go down that much at night. Last night, Valentine was looking wistfully through a world atlas.
“I’d like to live there when I grow up” she said, stabbing Greenland with her forefinger. “No, wait! This page! Iceland! That sounds NICE! Can we move to Iceland NOW?”
Her father suggested a tropical island, but even New Caledonia did not impress her. The beaches would be fine, but to hot in her estimation.
She is now planning her future career as either a sled-dog trainer or a geologist specializing in ice-core studies.
The rest of us are not quite so miserable as poor Valentine. Life goes on despite the heat. Well, maybe the cat looks a little desperate. She now about 149 weeks pregnant, awaiting the impending birth of approximately 89 kittens. She mostly languishes on the terrace and mews pathetically from time to time. She looks ready to move to Iceland with Valentine.

Actually, the weather has me contemplating a “Polar Fest 2006” celebration. I could put the air-conditioning on full blast and invite friends over to watch only “cold” movies, like “March of the Penguins”, “Shackleton”, and “ The Last Place on Earth”.
I’ll serve vanilla ice cream and give away kittens as party favors.

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lynsey said...

Andy also likes Iceland. He did a report on it a few years ago. We found out about this really odd museum while researching the country.

That's something we don't have in Tennessee. We have Graceland though, which is kind of a museum dedicated to one big dick. (Thank you. Thank you very much.)

And like Burkina, we do have heat! Only the 80s and maybe 90s so far, but then its only April.