Monday, April 17, 2006

Perhaps the Easter Bunny left goodies in your basket, or the Bells of Rome dropped a pound of chocolates on your head, or maybe you just slept late and no supernatural events whatsoever occurred in your life ---- whatever went on yesterday for you, I hope it was good.
We here had an interesting day. It started with a service at the International Church of Ouagadougou. It’s an “interdenominational” church, but it is just like a very lively Baptist church in Missouri inexplicably transported to Ouagadougou. HIGHLY entertaining and GREAT music. The kids loved it. This may have been partially due to the fact that everybody got a free Coke and snacks after the service.
Our activity afterward was somewhat less fun- an Easter “picnic” out on a farm. Outside. In April. In Burkina. At 2pm. It was really not one of the more comfortable dining concepts ever dreamed up. We sat under straw mats in what was until recently (to judge by the feathers) the chicken coop. The cows watched us with a very puzzled air. I think they were wondering what happened to the chickens. But we got through it with only sub-clinical signs of heatstroke, so it turned out all right.

Today was the Easter Egg hunt for the US citizens here. The kids had a nice time running around looking for plastic eggs. By 9:30 the eggs were all filled with foil-festooned puddles of melted chocolate, so they were only safe to open after a long stay in the fridge at home. But that’s only to be expected when Easter falls at the hottest period of the year.

By the way, we ended up with considerably fewer than 89 kittens, so I’ll have to abandon my “kittens as door-prizes” scheme. There are only three, which will make it much easier to think up names for them. I’m thinking Patty, Maxene and LaVerne (after the Andrews Sisters). They already kind of squeak in three-part harmony, so it might work.
They were born two nights ago. Cleo (the mother cat) seems very tired. I hand fed her chicken at lunchtime. I think I’m projecting a little, remembering my own post-partum exhaustion.

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karondaray said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I would love to visit another country and Africa is on our family vacation list. I want to my kids to see the animals that we all watch on TV. I would love to heard if you have any wild animal stories. You give us all another view of life outside of our own. Thank you