Thursday, March 20, 2008

The kids have the day off from school, as it's the day the Muslim community observes Mohammad's birthday. To celebrate, you might want to be extra nice to your cat today.

So, we're having a day at home, playing Kingdom Hearts II on the Playstation and trying to keep cool in the heat. We'll be decorating Easter Eggs later on.
We're sure not going anywhere, because I have yet another flat tire today. I plan to ignore it. It's way easier just to stay home.

One thing I cannot do today is keep up with my e-mails. There is a big-time problem over at Liptinfor (my server and where my mailbox is) There is no access at all to my mail- I haven't been able to send or receive a thing since last night. So if you really need to contact me, either call or to the blog. I'll check the comments section from time to time today.

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