Friday, March 21, 2008

Yesterday I was back in my bedroom and heard screaming. It sounded like my children were being dismembered , or at least being kidnapped by people planning to do so.
I tore out to the living room to find Alexa rushing to find me, sobbing piteously. No axe-muderers or kidnapper in sight.
I was then made to understand that my girls had been through a hideous experience. They'd been in Valentine's room when a crazed gecko jumped off of the top of the mosquito net and onto Valentine's head.
She screamed.
The gecko ran down onto her face.
She screamed louder.
Then she brushed it off (who can blame her?) without paying much attention to where she was aiming. She ended up flinging the little lizard onto Alexa's head- which resulted in even more huge amounts of screaming from everyone, including Mallory, who was the horrified witness to all this.
Ah.. Life in Africa.

I still have no e-mail, so keep the comment/messages coming. I forgot to mention, for those of you that don't know how it works, that I can read the comments and then NOT publish them on the blog. So, messages to me do not become automatic entertainment for the whole blogosphere.

I have to run several errands today, so the tax story will have to wait yet another day.

If you want to read something funny, go over and read Valentine's blog today. She gives a big write up of her impressions of the amateur rock group we went to see the other night.
You should definitely read it if you are over 30 and thinking about fulfilling that life-long dream to create a band with the help of your equally decrepit pals from work. Ouch.

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