Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today consisted of power outages and blasting heat. Oh- and yet another major breakdown on the part of my Toyota Corolla from Hell.

Furthermore, I came this close to performing a solo emergency c-section on a dead guinea pig on my dining room table. But as I rummaged around frantically, realising that I had no knives sharp enough- not even a razor blade, I came to my senses and rushed off to the vet's office that is not too far from our house. The vet herself was out, as that's the way my luck has been going lately. But the assistant saw that I was very upset at the idea of live babies trapped in a dead mom pig- so said he'd do it -if I could help. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.
I won't go into details, but it was grim.

So, I really needed the boost that this lovely article gave me. It's yet another great piece by journalist John Leiberhardt. Once again, he has kind words for my blog and that of Valentine.
He refers to Burkina Mom's "warm-hearted honesty", which certainly made my day.
He doesn't mention my skills as a pet surgeon, but that's ok.

The article is also a way to discover other nifty blogs about Burkina, all written in English. Click around and check them out.
Just don't like them better than me, ok?


babzee said...

Your public mourns with you the death of GuineaPigMom in Burkina, and hopes her progeny fared better. You can keep the details to yourself, unless it behooves you to unburden. Where life is hard for humans, it is harder for fauna.

The article is great! I wish I had the time and energy (remaining brain bytes) to grok all those blogs; instead I stand in simple awe that SOMEBODY does. You remain (always and forever) my Number One voice of sub-Saharan Africa.

Anonymous said...

Not interested in those other blogs. Except Valentine's, of course (when's Severin gonna blog?). Just this one. None of the others seem to be talking about cutting open animals... that, dear friend, is WHACK.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to clog comments, but crazy! I just clicked on the "google alerts" I get, which sends me links to stories about Tuaregs and Niger--the email has the title, publication, and a snippet from the article just to give you a sense of it--imagine my surprise to see "Here’s one took place in front of her house, in a pretty fancy neighborhood, when she came outside and found her guards speaking to a Tuareg who happened to"... I feel SO in the know!