Friday, March 07, 2008

The power was only off from 3pm to 8pm today. We aren't sure if the Part arrived from Germany, or we are just suddenly being accorded a little more electricity per day, but it's great!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day- a big deal here in Ouaga- but festivities might well be overshadowed by the following: The politician Thibault Nana was arrested for his involvement in the protests in Ouaga recently against rising prices. An "unauthorized" demonstration is now being planned by a group called "La Coordination de Jeune pour la Liberation de Nana Thibaut". (The Young People's Effort for the Liberation of Thibault Nana). They are going to demonstrate tomorrow (Saturday, March 8) and demand the release of Nana Thibaut.
The CRS anti-riot police will be everywhere in Ouagadougou- but rather than prevent rioting, they may well escalate things.
My info is coming from both the Ouaga Rumour Mill and a Warden Bulletin from the US Embassy, so this seems like it's really for real.
And here's an interesting point to ponder: The bulletin advises that we all avoid travel and stay out of the center of town. But the MACO (the Ouaga prison) is just a few blocks from our house. I imagine that Nana is being held there. Does that mean our neighborhood will be in the protest/vandalism zone? Hard to say.

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