Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ever since we moved out of our old house in Zogona, there has been a plague upon us. Living in Dassasgho has made us all sick.
What's up with that?
Only Valentine seems to have escaped. I had thought I was immune, but I spent a very hard night last night and am not feeling any better this morning.

However, despite my sad state, I climbed into the car this morning, ready to face a day full of errands. It helps that I have a driver- I certainly couldn't have driven myself.
The minute he turned on the engine and started backing out, I said "WHAT is that NOISE?"
Mahama gave me a look that said "Obviously out of her mind with fever", but I could hear a strange noise, just above the usual engine racket.
He couldn't hear it. Nor had my husband heard anything when he was driven to his office just minutes before.
But it sounded not quite all right.
Mahama sighed and , humouring me, got out and opened the hood.

The car that I want to sell, like NOW, had an unattractive patch of fresh oil ornamenting the usually pristine engine.
We had a leak.
I knew it.
I don't know much about cars... but I love music. Maybe that's what tipped me off? Sensitivity to the "music" of the motor? Funny the driver didn't notice. At any rate, he was pretty impressed by my instant diagnosis.

If I'd had more energy, I might have cursed or wept a bit. But I just stoically sent the thing off to our mechanic, who will probably emigrate to America off the profits he's made fixing this stupid car that I've barely owned for 10 months.

How I'm going to get everthing done by Saturday, I do NOT know.


babzee said...

Just think of how entertaining these stories will be to your neighbors and new friends you will make in France! One day it will all be worth it... really...! Feel better, bien sur.

somebird said...

oh beth! you wit comes through even in the most frustrating of times. hope that things pull together and you all leave burkina without too much more drama...
i hope you plan to rest for about 3 years when you get back to france! if you're out to the project at all before you take off, give the women one last loving greeting from me. i guess i would have to start writing them letters, in moore. haha.
thinking about you lots!
much love, lm

Cyndy said...

I think the ability to hear engine noises is a mom thing. Since I took over the maintenance of the cars we get 300,000 plus miles per vehicle. When Matt was still in charge we rarely got to 200,000.
I am constantly driving one of the crew's cars and telling them there is something wrong and they never noticed it until I mentioned it.
Just another skill we get from listening for little kids.