Friday, July 04, 2008

This has been one of the most insane weeks of my life. That said, it's probably not been anywhere near as bad as the final week before leaving France nine years ago. Back in late August 1999, I distinctly remember sitting on the floor amid the piles of suitcases and crates, weeping piteously. Of course at the time I had a just-turned-six year old, a three year old and year old twins who seemed to think that sleeping through the night was a nice concept for some folks, but not for them or me....
This time around the kids have been a tremendous help. Tya has been working right along side me and the twins packed many, many boxes of books. Which is a good thing, as we have over 2500 of them. Yes, we counted.
Severin? Well, at least he packed up his Legos and various treasures.
We did most of the packing ourselves, as the watchword was "triage". With 'only' a 20 foot container within the realm of financial possibility, we could not possibly have taken along nine-years' worth of household furnishings and knick knacks. So, sort we did. And it paid off yesterday. The container truck pulled up and the AGS fellows started loading boxes, boxes and more boxes. Everything fit that was supposed to and even a few extra items, like my crazy giant cement garden rabbit.
You don't want to know.

Now the house is empty and I'm onto the tasks of small repairs, painting and all that.
We've moved into a pal's house in Dassasgho.
No word from Inspector Sammy Dolly on the stolen goods.
I gave in and bought a cheap cell phone today. Folks that know me can once again call me at the old number.
Tomorrow is Tya's 15th birthday. She was just turning six when we moved here. Hard to believe.
Two weeks until we leave!

BTW : Happy Fourth of July!

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babzee said...

Happy last-African Birthday, Tya! Thank you, Mom, for managing the occasional post to keep your fans nourished if not sated. Peace, love and BON VOYAGE.