Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In a country where the vast majority of the population gets around by bike, scooter or on foot, the rainy season is a general invitation to chaos. No one is ever where they are suppoosed to be when they are suppposed to be there. So, you can sit at the phone company offices (for example) for over an hour, waiting for the employees to show up. Multiply this by the electric company and the water company and it adds up to lots of hours hanging out at public utilities. What fun. Remind me next time to move during the hot season. Oh wait- I forgot: I'm never moving again. EVER. It's way too much work. When I get to our house in France I am settling in and do not intend to be pried loose under any circumstances.
Unless JP gets a really cool job in, say, New Caledonia. That would be COOL!

Mostly I am making progress on our move. The house is being painted and small repairs made. The utilities will soon (I hope) be shut off.
The cats are all ready to travel. Their blood test results came back from France pretty quickly and the microchips are in, so Mr. Darcy and Cleo are good to go.

I have no access to TV and little to internet though, so I have no idea what's going on in the world beyond Ouagadougou. It's actually kind of soothing. I don't have to process any information not directly related to my immediate survival. Which is nice, because my brain is kind of tired. Maybe exhausted. I went to sleep at 7:30pm last night, fully clothed. I had laid down across the bed for "just a little rest". Right.


Bridget said...

So... what are you doing up talking to terrified gekkos while everyone else is sleeping? Stay in bed already, girl. Love to all. Kind thoughts to your patrol lizards.

Cyndy said...

You don't even want to know what mayhem and mischief is afoot on the international front.
Best to wait until you get back on European soil to check into current events. I also was in a bubble while there. My cell phone didn't work, you know how bad the tv selections are and I didn't have access to radio. It really wasn't a bad thing to be out of touch other than the things my family told me via telephone.
Have a great last few days and be ready for more moderate temps. I am so sure you will miss the heat. NOT!