Monday, August 25, 2008

France has a lot of history. It's positively jammed with it. Which sort of makes it funny that they would bother having Renaissance fairs and the like. The whole country is sort of like one big historical exhibit, isn't it?
But when I heard there would be a medival fair not too far from our house last Sunday, I immediately made plans to go and take the kids. It was to be held in the ruins of an 11th century Cistercian monastery.

Yesterday morning, I organised a picnic and we headed off, full of high hopes. I am a great fan of ren faires and have many happy memories of singing madrigals at the Kansas City faire over the years. So, I was really looking forward to this event near the village of Saint Jean d'Aulps.

Sadly, it wasn't all that great. Underwhelming is the word. The setting was amazing, as you can see in the photo, but there just wasn't all that much going on.
There were barely a dozen stands selling things. Besides that, there were four fat ponies, two goats , two chickens and a ferret. Saying that the entertainment was thin is being generous.
So, after we had our picnic, we headed farther into the mountains to the tiny village of Les Lindarets. It is a classic tourist destination and is often just called "the Goat Village" because it has lots of , well, goats wandering around in it. And I'm sure you all want to know everything about it, as it is well-known that this is a very goat-oriented blog. The goat races and goat weddings back in Africa made for some of my most popular posts. So, I'll certainly spare no effort tomorrow recounting our amazing adventures at the Goat Village of the French Alps.

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babzee said...

Amnesty is taking a new job in Fair Oaks, California, where chickens rule the roost! We visited the town, which is tiny, and saw the dozens of chickens that casually roam the village square. They ain't goats, but...