Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yesterday was quite blogable. I drove the kids over an hour to an amusement park near Chambery, only to find that I didn't have my bankcards with me. And no checks. And only 100 euros in my backpack. So, we headed back to the parking lot and did some re-thinking of our plan.
The plan I came up with involved me being awarded some kind of "Most Stupid Human Ever" award. But my four kids have all been made very philosophical by their years in Africa, where things mostly don't go as planned. They handle disappointment very gracefully.
As I had a picnic packed in the car, I proposed them a day by the lake at Annecy, which is probably the most lovely town in France. I figured it would be cheap and fun and I was right. We had a great time and the weather was perfect.
Sadly, I don't have a lot of time to blog about all this. There's too much to get done this weekend! The wallpaper in the diningroom is only half down and Valentine's room is only half-painted...

So, I'll leave you this clip to watch. It's by two crazy comedians from New Zealand and I'm sure it will give you a mad longing to speak French, if you do not already do so.


babzee said...

Thanks for this. I lost track of Flight of the Conchords after their TV show failed last year. The SHORT form is definitely their OEUVRE.

babzee said...

PS: your children are les anges to have let you off so easily. What kismet to have had such a lovely day at such little expense. I hope this memory will stay with them when they have their own bébés doux.

Beth said...

I should have known that you would already know all about FOTC!
And yes, I do realise that I was majorly let off the hook by my kind children. Not many kids in this modern day would exchange a day of rollercoaster thrills for a picnic in the park and a visit to a museum.