Friday, August 22, 2008

My plan to post more photos was temporarily foiled by my server going down for a day.
But I'm back online and here with some pics from our day yesterday at Lake Leman (or Lake Geneva, as it is often informally called)
We went to a lovely beach on the Swiss side with some good friends from a nearby village.

Here are the twins just getting their feet wet. At 19°C, the water was cold for us!

Here is Rafael explaining to Severin that the boat works WAY better if you actually put it in the water.

Severin finally got the boat figured out and took his friend Patrick for a spin. His little sisters didn't rate a spot onboard and had to swim.

Valentine got sunburned and Mallory got stung by a wasp, but other than that, a good time was had by all.

Today we had good friends visiting from the north side of the lake. We know Jo and her family from Ouaga! But now, by some great stroke of luck they have ended up living just an hours drive away from us here in France.

And tomorrow promises more fun (plus pictures) as we head up higher in the mountains to the village of Saint Jean des Aulps where they are having a sort of renaissance faire. Srsly!

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