Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today you all finallly get to see some pictures of what Burkinamom's life in France really looks like. As I drove around to drop off some recycling stuff and visit the mayors office, I decided to take a few pics with my spiffy new red cellphone so that I could share some of the typical scenes. First of all, here is a picture of our village : Saint André de Boëge. I parked my car beside the village church.
Here's the front of the church
The steeple.
Here's the Mayor's office. It was built in 1877, so it's pretty new.
The elementary school is also in the building, on the right side.
This is where the twins will go to school starting next month. It's a one-room school with only 17 students and two teachers. The girls are very excited and a bit nervous. But one great attraction is the two big farmhorses that graze just beside the school playground. Mal is VERY thrilled about that!

Pretty idyllic, non?

Hope you enjoyed the break from my overwrought prose.

More pics to follow tomorrow!

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