Sunday, April 26, 2009

How about more spring flowers?
Everybody loves them some spring flowers, and last time I forgot to post the nice view off our balcony these days. It's always lovely, but it's even better with a few geraniums.
Isn't everything?

Around here, you HAVE to have window boxes of geraniums on your house. I think it's required by law. If you don't have at least a few planted by May, they send burly agents in black suits to take you away to a gardening-oriented "reeducation" center.
True story.

Now, on to another important matter: Severin's LOTR bedroom. It's not quite done, but all the big stuff is finished. JP and CtRH worked the whole time I was gone to Paris. As I swanned around the Louvre and pranced about on top of the Eiffel Tower, they slaved away tearing down the strange wood panel covering the ceiling, insulating the two outer walls and then wallpapering everything, even the ceiling. I do NOT feel guilty, only wickedly gleeful. I usually NEVER get out of work and here I finally managed to weasel out of something. Sweet!

Here's how the mural of the Forest of Mirkwood turned out:

The mural wasn't quite tall enough to cover the wall all the way up. So they painted the empty area white and figured that Severin (with my help) could probably paint on a band of Elven runes to fill in the area.

As you can see, the poor child has no real furniture yet- just a futon on the floor. But we're hoping to get him an actual bed really soon. And JP is re-finishing a great antique desk for him.

The other three walls were done with a metallic silver paper that we hoped would look a bit like granite in a mystical cave...

The guys even took down the radiator and painted it completely silver! Nice detail.

Severin is quite happy with it all, as far as I can tell. 13 year old males often aren't all that demonstrative, you know?
When we finished the twins' room, they were squealing with excitement. Sev, on the other hand, just kind of grunted. But it was a pleased kind of grunt. I think...


oreneta said...

I am not going to show these photos to my kids, they are currently so happy with what they bed, some blue paint with a couple of clouds, you are TOTALLY showing me up!

WAY cool room!

babzee said...

You have much to learn, Grasshopper. You aren't "weaseling" out of work - you are stepping aside to allow the Men to express themselves both creatively and craftily. Well done, all of you!

La Framéricaine said...

OMG! It's fantastic! I wish I were a 13 year old boy. The guys did a wonderful, thorough, very caring job--right down to that sensational silver radiator.

If anyone is looking for a busman's holiday down in the land of a 1,000 ponds at the parc naturel de la Brenne next year, just let us know and we'll reserve a bed and a project for the heroes of interior decorating! Just beautiful!

Beth said...

Thanks, everyone!

And who knows? Maybe after they've rested up, I'll send the guys on down to the Framérican, so they can "express themelves" some more...

babzee said...

BTW - I left a copy of "The Terror" with my mum a year ago. She's supposed to read it first, but I think we're both daunted! Worth the effort?

Kelly said...

Oh, don't feel guilty! You deserved that trip to Paris!!!