Thursday, April 30, 2009

I settled down in front of my computer, all ready to check my emails and my favorite blogs. Then the plan was to write a light-hearted post about the giant spiders in our cellar and/or the tv show Britain's Got Talent.
But mutant spiders and tap dancing ferrets are definitely on the back burner now.

The insightful blogger Framericain has been posting over the last two days about a tragic tour bus accident in California that occurred Tuesday. Her posts about it are far better and more relevant than anything I could write. So, I'm urging you to click on the link and go read her thoughts on this.

(PS. Although Britain's Got Talent is great, they have no tap dancing ferrets. But wouldn't that be cool?)


La Framéricaine said...
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La Framéricaine said...

Thank you, Beth, for mentioning the French tour bus accident that took place in central coastal California on Tuesday, April 28th.

I am continuing to call friends and encourage people to talk about it to others in order to see what shakes loose. The Monterey Herald did a follow-up article today and I linked to it at Halfway To France.

(Beth, I apologize, I removed one paragraph in order to avoid any hint of impropriety. I don't want to cause pain to anyone, even inadvertently.)