Friday, April 24, 2009

I woke up this morning and learned that there's a holiday to celebrate: International Book Day. (Thanks, Oreneta!) It seems like it's a bigger deal in Latin American countries than elsewhere (as far as my quick internet search shows, anyway) but I hope that it will catch on all over.
So, everybody everywhere remember to hug a book today. And also go have a look on my right sidebar and click to take a peek at my very own new Amazon bookstore. I'm still choosing books and having lots of fun with it.

What else can we celebrate today? How about spring? I am loving it this year- it's my first in nine long years.
April back in Burkina means super-hot temperatures and frequent power cuts. It means dry dust and dripping sweat. It means just hanging in there until the rainy season finally begins in June.

I was talking on Skype yesterday with a friend in Ouaga and she handed her toddler son an M&M candy to distract him while we chatted.
"Don't squish it!" I heard her say. And then, "Oh no! He just squashed it in his hand and there's melted chocolate all over him now!!"
In our house in France, even a determined toddler could not squish a candy coated chocolate. they stay hard. No melty M&Ms- just one of the many things to enjoy about being back in the Alps.

Another thing is the fabulous spring flowers. I am loving going outside to admire all the wonderful flowers that we planted back in the fall: hyacinth, daffodils, jonquils, crocus, etc..

I have been gardening like crazy the last few days. On Wednesday, I was out for nearly five hours, mowing the lawn, whacking the weeds, planting flowers and shubberies (one that looks nice. And not too expensive.) and weeding the beds of spring flowers that are already blooming nicely.
As you can see, the lawn is no small affair:

There were also the planter boxes to fill. I have three like the the one below. They weren't weren't much trouble because the pansies were planted in the fall and they suvived all winter long! All I had to do was throw a few marigolds in the middle.

I also planted a couple of lilac bushes and some lavender- two of my absolute most favorite ever flowers.

Yesterday I was out in the yard with the twins. I was fussing over the flowers and the girls were hunting around the yard for small dandelions for a salad that night.

Alexa said "You like lavender, lilacs and lilies. You, know, you should have named us after them! Valentine could be Lily, I could be Lilac and Mallory could be Lavender." She thought it sounded like a great idea and that I had really let the side down by not giving my girls a set of matching flower names...

Well, there's an idea.

And I guess I could have called Sev Larkspur? Or if were's going with flowers I love, rather than by matching the first letter, maybe Hyacinth?


oreneta said...

What an utterly fabulous garden. Spring is great, and better than sweating in the dust with no power. Much more pleasant.

TeacherMommy said...

I love your garden and am utterly jealous and depressed because I have a black thumb and could NEVER dream of trying to keep annuals alive. I stick with bushes and plants that can survive despite me. Even then it's a close thing.

I have, in my time, killed a cactus.

Beth said...

Thanks for the kind words.
People around here tend to be very serious about their flowers and their vegetable gardens, so I feel like a real amateur among pros.

TM- Total despect, dude. I never even ever heard of anyone unintentionally killing a cactus before. That has a certain epic grandeur, really...

babzee said...

Such beautiful photos of a lovingly tended garden. I too, have a Thumb of Death, but fortunately (don't ask the neighbors) I love the weeds and wildflowers which flourish.

My granddaughter Daisy has a "best friend" (as close as 2-year olds get) named Lily, and I use to know sisters named Violet, Daisy and Rose.

Ruth said...

What beautiful flowers! I'm loving spring too - I can't wait for the leaves to come out and the grass to turn green again. Another couple of weeks...

Have you read the book Chrysanthemum? It's a children's book about a girl named Chrysanthemum... one of my favorites.

As for Sev's flower name, I vote for Lupine, a wonderful Maine flower.

Ruth said...

What a beautiful garden! I can't wait for the leaves to come out and the grass to turn green - another couple of weeks.

Have you ever read the children's book called Chrysanthemum? It's a great story about a girl who didn't like her flower name.

As for Sev, I vote for Lupine, a wonderful Maine flower...