Thursday, April 09, 2009

We leave for Paris tomorrow on the 7:30 train. I'm talking AM here, people. So EVERYTHING has to get done today.

The packing? Don't get me started on the packing. It's a nightmare. I am the world's worst packer, which is astonishing considering how darn much of it I've had to do in my life. But the problem is that I just HATE needing something and knowing that the thing I so desperately want is just sitting back at home. So, even though it's sunny, I pack rain gear. And what if there's a freak snowstorm? Better pack coats and boots. What if we get hungry for waffles? Better pack the waffle iron. And syrup! Musn't forget scuba gear and and a snakebite kit.
I just want to be prepared, you know?

But, as my kids would say: "That way lies madness, dude." I just have to calm down and take it easy...

But it's so hard to do that, as I'm trying not only to sort and pack, but also get Severin's room ready for the redecorating/renovation about to happen in there. We spent this morning clearing everything out and now we're trying to get all the old wallpaper down!! The twins are helping and Severin is in charge. He's working hard and is very motivated. He has asked for a Lord of the Rings-themed room. (Yes, I will do anything for my kids. Thank you for asking) By some miracle, I found a wallpaper mural of a forest in New Zealand. (Where LOTR was filmed, for those of you who have just arrived here from a distant planet) The other three walls will be done with a wallpaper that looks like metallic silver granite. The effect will be like looking out of a silver cave and out into the mysterious forest of Mirkwood. That's the idea, anyway.

This amazing transformation will be done by Cristian the Romanian Handyman, without my help or even my (rather nice) homecooked meals. JP will have the care and feeding of CtRH, and I feel rather sorry for both of them. When I told Cristian that I wouldn't be around during his stay, he wrote back. "It will be fine. There's still that pizza place in front of your house, right?", which shows that he understands that JP is not the kind of French guy that cooks. Some do, of course. He doesn't. On the other hand, he never watches soccer matches either , so I consider it to be a fair trade.

I plan to blog at least a couple of times from sort of depends on how crazy things get. I will definitely take pictures and have lots to share: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Orsay Museum and even Disneyland. I am SO excited! I've already seen all this stuff, but it will be so great to share it all with my children.

I just hope it doesn't rain and that we don't get hungry for waffles, because I'm NOT bringing rainboots or waffle irons. Really.


La Framéricaine said...

Holy Toledo, heroine of her own travel adventure and love story!!!

I thought I was the only one packing for a nude beach and a coronation during the same three day weekend! You have so lifted my spirits and made me smile out loud.

The soon to be LOTR's room sounds sooooo cool that I want to get first dibs in for a sleepover sometime when Severin is over in Switzerland or something.

Have a blast in gay Paree! One of the places that gave me that good old tingly "I'm in Paris, pinch me." feeling was the café at the top of the Musée d'Orsay. It's worth overpaying for a cup of tea and a pastry just to see that big ol' clock and the view from the rooftop. I love being up high in the City of Lights.

Bon voyage and send a postcard!

oreneta said...

Sounds like a blast. Lay it all out, throw half of it back, then given what you said, through two thirds more away, and remember, they sell umbrellas and waffle irons in Paris....if it gets really bad, you could buy a waffle iron. Really,

So-called-life has GOT to blog about this trip, she is too funny.

Beth said...

P.- I'm SO glad I'm not the only one that is "luggage challenged"!
And ITA about the Orsay tea shop!! I took my Alexa there once and we had such a great time! It's magical...
And you are SO invited to come see the LOTR room when it's done!

Rocky- I am taking your advice . I have everything for eight days stuffed into a teensy carry-on. I am REALLY struggling not to just give in and go a size-up luggage-wise. But I'll be strong.
"Just put DOWN the waffle iron and no one will get hurt"

Tya said...

Hey Mom!
Paris is going to be SOOOO fun!
The LOUVRE!!!!!!! My DREAM!!!!!
I read your new posts, very funny.
I better get to bed, we are leaving tomorrow!
Love you!

Kelly said...

Have fun! I hate forgetting stuff, too. And I hope the weather is good for you and your kids!

david santos said...

Really great work! I love Story.
Have a nice weekend!

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