Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today we went out for lunch with a few friends. We went to a terribly lovely restaurant about a ten minute drive from our house.

As I don't often go to nice restaurants, you may be wondering what the big occasion was... It was Sev's Profession of Faith ceremony. It took place this morning.
We're very proud of him.
He's a nice boy.
Strange, but nice.
He's also tall.

As you can see, his robe is very short. They didn't have one long enough for him .

Other than that, it all went well. The service was much shorter than the ones we were used to in Burkina Faso. In Burkina, people feel ripped off if they don't spend the whole morning in church. It's their main entertainment for the week.
On the other hand, the music was not so good in comparison to what we had back in Ouaga. The choirs there were so dynamic and interesting. Around here it all seems quite sincere, but too tame and dull. Nobody dances.
But it was nice and the dinner with friends afterwards was even nicer, including a walk around the lake. Mallory got the waitress to find her a sack full of dry bread, so the twins kept busy making the ducks and swans all very happy.
In short, a good time was had by all.

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