Thursday, June 11, 2009

How strange is this?

I went to the local supermarket yesterday and found a funny little minature chalet had magically appeared near the front doors.

And yes, as you may have guessed, it does say "Raw Milk Distributer"

A closer inspection reveals that it is fresh milk from the first days milking at a local farm. You bring your own (hopefully clean) bottle, pop it inder the spigot, insert 1 euro and 20 cents and out gushes a litre of the cow juice du jour.

Have you ever seen the like?! Will wonders never cease?! WTF? (Feel free to insert other exclamations of general amazement and bewilderment)

It's so odd that I just might have to give it a try...

BTW, you have to love (or maybe hate- I can't decide) the giant cow face. With typical bovine elegance, she has her tongue stuck well up into her right nostril.


babzee said...

The French government's relationship with its farmers has always been fascinating, so I'd actually like to know more about this. I'm assuming that "raw" means unpasteurized; in the US one would conclude "organic" as well. Raw milk sales are forbidden in some US states. The close-up cow face is common enough here in Chik-Fil-A country. (That's pronounced "Chick Filet" as I learned late in life; if you haven't heard of Friendly's, why would you know of Chik-Fil-A?) Those ubiquitous ads feature cows pleading with carnivorous Americans to "eat mor chikn" -- not quite as horrible as Charlie Tuna begging for his own demise ("I'll just nip off and shoot myself then, shall I?"). At first glance I though your *vache lait* was a Holstein, but on enlargement I think she's an Ayreshire?

La Framéricaine said...

Americans who are in the know would be so envious of your having such a wonderful opportunity. The FDA would, on the other hand, hound you to hell on behalf of agribusiness. Just can't catch a break!

Heidi said...

Very cool! I remember drinking milk from my grandfather's dairy before it headed off to the pasteurization plant...was delicious.

Milk chalets. Only in France!

Joy said...

This is fascinating, and wonderful. There is a man in Ontario who was recently convicted of contempt of court for refusing to stop selling raw organic milk from his dairy co-op. Growing up on the farm, raw milk was sooo wonderful and tasty. Store milk does not come close. I'm glad you have the option to choose!!

I've included the link to the news article on the CBC site, if anyone is interested:

oreneta said...

I love the her and her tongue....and that you have such a cute little house selling raw milk...gotta love the French for things like that!

I can just HEAR the hysterics from some quarters in the US and Canada.