Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorry about the odd little mini-post earlier today. I had just sat down to the computer for the third time, thinking that this time I would finally get ten uninterrupted minutes in which to post a few pictures. Just as I hit the first key, I heard a knock at the door. I quickly typed a few phrases, hit 'publish' and went down to answer the door.

But now, finally, I really do think I'll manage at least a half an hour of blog-time. So, instead of 'Taciturn Tuesday', you're going to get "BurkinaMom Tells You Everything about Her Life and Illustrates It With Below-Average Quality Photos Tuesday."
Sound good?
I hope so.
Saturday afternoon, at 4pm, I started doing the hair and makeup for the big 'African Dream ' dance recital. It ended up taking me nearly three hours to get the three girls ready to go.
But I was glad they looked great. The show turned out to be a pretty big deal. It was staged at this venue:

Much larger and nicer than the school auditoriums or church basements of my childhood.

The show was about two hours long, but it seemed to pass quickly. When my girls weren't on stage, I enjoyed watching the other dancers, as well as the Malian music group that they'd brought in to play for the show.

It was also amusing to see most of our houshold goods from Africa spread out all across the stage. When I'd heard what the theme was, I'd offered to lend any of our African art they needed: masks, mud cloth, baskets, bronzes, carvings. I figured that someone should get some use out of it all We haven't put up much of our Burkinabe stuff in our home in France because JP (the arbiter of all things tasteful at our house) decided that if we put it all out, our house would look like a very small, crowded museum. He also cited his belief that it would be "showing off" the fact that we lived somewhere other than France. I'm ok with reason #1, but find #2 a bit odd. The only people who come into our home are friends and rumor has it that they already know that we lived for nine years in Ouaga.

Anyhow, for now, the masks and all their friends are living in the garage and only get taken out for special events. Poor things.

Sunday morning, I took the kids to Lake Leman for a swim and to try out our groovy new inflatable boat. We had a picnic and a good time was had by all.

Afterwards, fewer good times were had, as I realised that one of Al's legs was badly sunburned. Yes- one leg was alabaster white and the other was as red as .... a really horrific sunburn. It seems that when I reapplied the +50 spf sunscreen, I must have gotten distracted and put it on her right leg twice. I didn't put any at all on her left one.
I'm SO cross with myself. Poor Al.

Finally-Sunday night, we went to a birthday party. Sev and his pals set up their equipment and...well, you'd almost think, from the photo, that they actually played some music for us.

In reality...not so much.
Sev's garage band in front of an actual garage:
They look good, but it will be fabulous when they can actually play music.
The boys horsed about a good while, finally inspiring our hostess to go in the house, dig out her old flute from her high school days and honor us with a rendition of "Danny Boy". Srsly.
I really hate "Danny Boy" - even when it's played right.
I'm just saying.


TeacherMommy said...

Really? Lake Leman? That's so...raunchy.

Beth said...

Well, I guess you're supposed to call it "Lake Geneva" in English- which sounds a lot more...neutral (a little Swiss humour there)

But the French version is so funny.

babzee said...

THREE HOURS to get the girls' hair and makeup ready? It's a jolly good thing that you live in Metric France, where the days are 100 hours long. How do you do 10% of what you do?

The sunburn story: I once had a problem with a swollen knee, but by the time I got to the doctor it was better. Still, I didn't know what had caused it and was worried, so I asked her to examine it. She decide to measure one knee against the other, but after she had measured the left, and written down the result, she came back and measured the LEFT again! I didn't even say anything (as Alexa should have!) but I stopped seeing that doctor shortly after that.

I *LOVE* Danny Boy. It's overplayed, for sure, but still, Londonderry Aire (now THAT'S a funny name, esp. in French!) is a magnificent tune.

oreneta said...

Poor sunburnt child...it is tricky to tell what you have and haven't applied sunblock to, it should be like those gluesticks that start out purple and then go invisible...

Beth said...

ITA with oreneta about the magic sunblock. Great concept.

BZB-Actually, Alexa didn't notice the slip up, either. I think I applied it to one leg, got distracted for a bit by some other task and then went back to what I was doing. By then, I'd lost the plot, per usual.
I find that I expand all tasks so that they fill every moment of my day. The world would keep turning if I did only half the stuff i now do. But I am compelled towards trying to achieve perfection in all things Mom. Not like I'm managing. But there you go.

I did indeed spend three hours on the hair and makeup and they were on stage for about 20 minutes, total. Makes no sense, really.