Monday, June 01, 2009

In the USA, it was Memorial Day weekend. Around here, we celebrated Pentecost. But it all amounted to the same thing in the end: an extra day off and lots of fun activities going on.

On Saturday, we went to mass and then a concert/meal put on by Valentine's youth group from church. We'd invited a few of the kids' friend s along as well and they ended up staying the night afterwards, so things were pretty lively.
Then on Sunday, I packed up all six kids and took them to a "Fête medievale" that was being held in a village about half an hour from where we live.

I'm a Ren Faire geek from way back and raised my kids on stories of the good times to be had at them. I finally got to take them to one last fall, but it was really small. Tiny even. But the one we went to on Sunday was enormous and heading towards gigantic.

While it was well-sized, charming and nicely-done, the attending public left somewhat to be desired. Specifically, not many of them dressed up for the event.
We, of course, did:

As you can see, the girls looked really smashing. Many people even asked to take pictures of them! It was like having your own, very polite paparazzi.

They were stars and loved every minute of it. Everywhere they walked, you could hear children tell their parents: "Oooh! Look at the princesses!"

We had a great time, complete with a picnic lunch.
We did a bit of shopping.

Sadly I had no costume ready for Severin. We couldn't organise boots for him in time. The footwear can make or break a guy's costume, IMO. (I mainly included this pic so you could all see his hair, as described in detail in this post)

Today we had some friends over- a Swiss woman and her kids plus a friend from Burkina. We grilled a bunch of meat, went for a long walk and generally had a nice time.
I've had a great weekend, but I'm looking forward to some down-time this week. Hope it happens...


TeacherMommy said...

I love RFs! We have one near us that is so fun to attend.

However...while Pentecost was indeed yesterday (here too), I'm afraid Memorial Day Weekend was LAST weekend!

Oh well--you're in France. You're forgiven. :)

oreneta said...

The costumes are amazing, bet no one could tell you were blogging while sewing....and Sev's hair looks pretty darned good!

babzee said...

Breathtaking costumes, and the princesses inside them! Some people might be tempted to say you have too much time on your hands... clearly these people haven't been paying attention. But it's wonderful that you have ENOUGH time to give your children the frills and furbellows they crave and deserve.

Severin continues to look HOT in whatever. Maybe too hot.

Beth said...

TM- Thanks for the heads up on the holiday dates. I thought about editing the post, but then decided not to. I am kind of out of touch and there's no hiding it...

Rocky- Thanks very much. I can't take all the credit for the costumes, though. I researched and designed them and then bought the fabric, but most of the sewing was done by a seamstress in Ouaga. All I had to do was some of the final finishing and a bit of tailoring for fit.
I WILL be doing a whole costume for Sev. So, wish me luck on that!

Barb- This stuff is the icing on the cake of life, as far as I'm concerned.
And thanks for your kind compliments!

Patricia said...

So Beautiful!!!! We have a festival every year in August where we live, but there are many, many people who dress up and really get into it. With four children, a husband, a house and animals (don't you have cats?) I do not know how someone would entertain the thought you have too much time on your hands!

Beth said...

Patricia- Thanks! I'd love to get my kids to one of those really great Ren Faires in the USA one of these days.
As for pets- yes, we have two Burkinabé cats, plus Leon the Wonder Degu.
And you're right, I DON'T have too much time on my hands...strange priorities, perhaps, but not too much time.

Kelly said...

I've been to one of those fairs in Minneapolis. I felt out of place because I was not dressed up like a wench or a princess!