Tuesday, June 16, 2009

For those of you who are not devotees of the genre, a feature found frequently on amateur mom-blogs is "Wordless Wednesday". Every mid-week post is just photos with no text.
I find it a bit dull, to be honest.
Instead, I've created "Taciturn Tuesday".

Here's a pic from the start of Sunday's desperate scramble down to the foot of the cliff.
This is my car. If you come to our corner of France, you can't miss it. I am the ONLY person in the Haute Savoie (possibly in all of France) with a NFP bumber sticker. (Thanks Art!)

This is my garden. I have been too ashamed to post a pic of it because it is so very tiny. I know that my constant complaining must have made it sound gigantic....but it is a dainty little thing. I don't know WHY it's such hard work!

And there you go.
I'm not sure I'll do this again.
But then, maybe I will.


TeacherMommy said...

Your garden is 100% larger than mine. Wait--that's actually a mathematical impossibility, since 100 x 0 = 0. So yours exists. Mine is so far beyond the limits of even hypothetical that it makes me laugh just to think about trying to have one.

I can kill cacti. 'Cause my thumb is just that black.

Heidi said...

I like Taciturn Tuesday and may have to follow your lead!

Beth said...

TM- Thanks for trying to help me feel better about my undersized plot.

Heidi- I would SO love to start a trend with this! If TT starts popping up around Teh Internets, I'll feel FAMOUS. Sort of. LOL

And may I say that your own blog is looking great these days? I adore the FA posts you've been doing!

oreneta said...

I too find wordless Wednesdays a bit dull, and while taciturn Tuesdays are better, I still prefer your eloquent everydays....

Beth said...

Rocky- I'm glad fo that, as taciturnity doesn't come easily to me, blog-wise. Once I sit down to write, I actually find it nearly impossible to be economical with words.