Thursday, July 02, 2009

On Monday, my English students surprised me with a book of drawings that they'd all made for me. I have to admit that it made me a bit teary-eyed. It was all so darn cute.

The little boy who made this one is one of those kids that generally hates school and can't sit still. But he likes to learn English...with me!
This is the only one that included a portrayal of me. I love my Barbie doll waist and the rocking manga-style boots! I'm not sure why the students are so teeny, though.

This was from my top student (not counting my girls, of course).
He went to SO much trouble, printing out a pic of the White House at home. And check out all the English phrases! He's only eight!! Smart kid!

The twins each contributed, as well.
Alexa made me this:

Yes, she knows how many stars and stripes there should be. She's citing artistic license.
I like how she gave my home state a mega shout-out.

And Mallory made this:
This place is SO where I am going on vacation this year: A reading-lamp equipped canoe floating under a grove of book-bearing boaobab trees.
The books are are carefully inscribed with tiny titles.
They include: "The Hobbit", "Bad and Good" , "Hard Life"
and my personal faves-"Happy Life, Happy Wife" and
"Good Mom Hard to Find".
Also, if you zoom in, you will see that my boat has a handy little tray
that holds a can of Dr. Pepper.
Mal made me a custom-designed paradise!


babzee said...

You are so loved! I find ALL of your daughters extremely talented on so many levels. Mallory's clever titles (I zoomed) are hilarious, very smart. As to Alexa's better-than-the-original flag, well, New Yorkers are raised to believe that this is how many stars and bar the US flag has, so I assumed it was your state flag. Hers is adorable and funky.

PS: I believe your son exhibits an equivalent artistic mien, but his is not so easily shared and reflected by Mom.

Beth said...

Thanks, Cris. I'll pass all the compliments on.
You're a good pal. The best, really.

Joy said...

This is a wonderful tribute to you! You must be so very proud of your students. :)