Monday, July 06, 2009

We were all very excited about our outing on Sunday. We'd been seeing posters touting the opening of the newly restored 13th century castle at Faucigny and the Ren Faire they'd be having there over the weekend.
We were a teensy bit disappointed when we realised that by "restored", they'd meant "slathering some concrete over the crumbling walls". Not that it wasn't a good idea- left a few more decades, the whole site would have disappeared to nearly nothing. But it was all bit less than we'd hoped for.
And the Ren Faire turned out to be really tiny.
On the other hand, it was a nice day for a walk and the ruins were situated high on a hilltop with a great view.

Here are the only remains of the lower gate down in the village:

As you can see, there's not much left of the original walls of the towers.

I was so busy getting pics of the kids, I never got a good one of the ruins from down below. Sorry.

On the other hand, I enjoy pictures of my kids way more than I enjoy pictures of rocks. Even really old rocks. So it all works out...


We left after only a couple of hours, as it started to rain.
A bit later, when I looked out my bedroom window back home, I saw this:
It was far more lovely than the photo shows and stretched all the way across our valley in a perfect semicircle. I've never seen one so flawless.
When I ran out to the balcony to get a better look, I saw that it was actually a double rainbow. It looks kind of faint in the pic, but we could see it really, really well.

Mallory said we should go to see the end of it. Sadly, it seemed to start and stop right in the middle of the forest.

Actually, there are a few lucky people who have managed to find and photograph rainbow ends. Kind of cool - but no pot of gold.


TeacherMommy said...

Oh those DRESSES!!!! Where on earth--did you buy them? Make them? Gorgeous! You would love the Ren Faire we have in our area every year. Definitely not tiny, though there are no ruins (concreted or otherwise). Nice forest though.

babzee said...

It's about 100 degrees F in Atlanta today so your chilluns look really HOT in their garb. But the pictures are very cool.

The captioner who said there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow clearly didn't realize that this photo is of the BEGINNING of the rainbow. If any one person sees BOTH ends of a rainbow, faeries have to kill him.

Beth said...

I would LOVE to get my kids to a ren Faire back in the USA. The Europeans may have had the actual Renaissance, but it took America to make a Faire out of it.

As for the dresses: I bought fabric in Ouaga and designed dresses for the three girls. I had them sewn up by a seamstress friend in Ouagadougou. We were all SO pleased with how they turned out! Mallory is wearing hers in the pics. Al and Val had thought it would be too hot for their fancy dresses though, so they are just wearing odds and ends that we put together from thrift store shopping.

Severin's shirt we bought in a shop nearby specializing in retro/goth/fantasy clothes. The pants are handwoven fabric from Burkina.

oreneta said...

The costumes are amazing, impressed you got all dressed for it, what fun!

The flag at the castle looks similar to the Catalan flag...a coincidence I am sure.

I was a little disappointed to discover a minivan at the end of the rainbow though.

Beth said...

Yeah. ITA - you'd figure that a leprechaun could get by with a small-sized sedan.

Maybe you're feeling a bit better, Rocky? I sure hope so!