Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our trip to southern France last weekend was far less dramatic than the one we made a few years back. This time around, the only slight hiccup was that someone stole my wallet when we stopped for a break at Montelimar.
They have nougats there.
Also thieves, apparently.

But I'm not dwelling. It's bad to dwell, right? And at least "all" they got was half a checkbook (quickly cancelled by phone), 100 euros and several fidelity cards from various French supermarkets. Could have been worse, right? I'm SO glad I don't keep my credit cards in with all the other junk. They were safely still with me after the Horrible Incident, so our trip continued on without another hitch.

After hanging out at the cabanes charmantes that I showed you in my last post, we drove a few miles further south and took the kids for a swim in the Med.

Afterwards, we went for a stroll around Montpellier. It was Sunday, though, and that was bad news on the shopping front. Every shop in the whole city was CLOSED. It was the height of the tourist season and there was not a postcard or t-shirt to be had.

So, no tourist goodies for my friends and family back in the USA- sorry...
But it was pretty:

After lunch in an outdoor creperie, where we were "serenaded" by an accordeonist and his accomplice who apparently know only three songs and have no qualms about playing them over and over and over again until someone pays them to STOP, we visited the botanic garden in the center of town. It was commissioned by Henri IV and is the oldest one in France.

It was a great trip, despite the wallet-loss aspect. I hope to go back down there and spend more time one day. But we had to be back by Monday night, as JP had lots of work to get done. We're planning to leave again on the 31st to travel up north (in France and into Germany!), so he needed to get things in order before then.
Me? I'm teaching English, taking the kids to the pool, seeing friends, and generally having a good time.

I love summer.


an ersatz Frenchwoman said...


I am so happy to hear that you are not letting a little ol' thing like a pickpocket mar your love of summer and its outings!!! Good for you! And I agree, s/he "only" got... As we always say, le meilleur du pire.

I love Henri IV. I visited his tomb in St Denis! Have fun up north!

And tell your lovely daughter about the twinsie templates that it turns out we share... I recently saw her blog and thought it was great. I wish I had had one at her age!

Heidi said...

"Consequently, the nougat becomes one rare present..."

It's like Engrish only in French! Makes me want to offer a better translation.

Mmm, nougat, anyway.