Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A few posts back, I mentioned that my twins (along with their whole class, of course) were going to be on French television.
Well, the show was finally aired today on the national one o'clock news on TF1 (the most popular channel, if you recall)

JP and I were at home and saw it on our big screen TV. When it finally got to the classroom scene, it was all I could do not to get all Mrs. Bennet and shriek "I was sure she could not be so beautiful for nothing!".
I only just restrained myself, but when you watch the video for yourself, you will notice that the camera person seemed to like Alexa's looks, as did the editor of the piece. She gets a close-up early on in the school scene and then again at the very end of the program.

Besides seeing both of my adorable younger daughters, you'll also get a look at the region where I live. It's even prettier than it looks in the show.

The segment (which you can see here. After the advertisement is over , click the "chapitres" button if you don't want to watch the whole 30 minute program. Go to chapters 11-19. Then click on the third picture from the end. it's a little photo of the girls' class. Can't miss it. ) is part of a series that TF1 is doing this week about the 150th anniversary of the annexation of the Savoy into France.

Today's installment was about the regional dialect of the area. And as my girls are in a Savoyard class in school, they got to be on the news.


Nitika said...

Im from India and have been reading your blog for the longest time ever. I love reading about your life in France.
My ex-husbands sister used to live in Aux-en-provence and we stayed with them for a week.
I loved the simple life there. Wouldnt mind staying there myself even though i'm a city girl.
I have never commented before. My bad. But after seeing the video of your twins and the beautiful place you live in, I had to comment :)

Have you ever been to India?? Do visit. Im sure you'd love it here.
Ill keep coming back and be more regular with the comments.

With love

Beth said...

Wow- A reader from India! I am SO glad you decided to comment and look forward to hearing more from you.
I've never been to India, but I would LOVE to go! My degrees are in archaeology and India is so fascinating in that regard (and many others, of course!)

I do enjoy life in France and find it is, as you put it " the simple life" in many ways. If you ever come this way, I'd be happy to show you around our lovely part of the country!

babzee said...

Wow indeed! I am so fascinated by Beth's many brilliant and diverse fans. Glad to "meet" you, Nitika, and welcome to the club!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally saw this on the news today at lunchtime! And I forgot that your girls were in that class even though I read your post about that! Off to re-watch!

oreneta said...

THAT was really cool.

They are lovely aren't they.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Just found your blog, I need to read more. I will be back. I lived in Africa for 50 and I now lover it here. Just a bit fed up with the weather at the moment!! Diane