Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Guest Twins (featured in previous posts) have adapted well to life in a French/American household.

Maybe too well.

We seem to have gotten them hooked on "Nouvelle Star" (The French 'American Idol' spin-off)
They've been watching it with us for the last two weeks and are now plotting a way to get their parents to let them watch the final show next week. They are pretty optimistic, as they'll be staying in a hotel and presumably have access to a TV....

(Here I'll just insert a hearty "sorry" to the parents of the Guest Twins, who probably would rather their children do something else during their dream vacation in France than watch TV)

But I have to admit that I love this show.
Yes- a year ago, I hated it, but now I adore it.
I guess I'm becoming more French? I even think it's better than American Idol, which has been getting saddder and more disappointing with every season. Somebody needs to stick a wooden stake, Buffy-like, in that thing and mercifully let it crumble into dust.
And then gather up all the dust and launch every molecule of it into outer space.

But NS is still fresh and interesting and manages to get some really unique talent. And this season, the show has boasted my favorite candidate, ever! She's a quirky, incredibly talented and lovely 20 year old from Montpellier.

And last night, she sang one of my favorite songs, ever.
You've got to hear this!


babzee said...

Your spare set may not be too disappointed even when they get home. I just read an American article about Nouvelle Star, called "The Best Show You've Never Seen". So either it will be franchised or at least the doublettes will be able to follow it online?

Joy said...

Beth, this was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)

Nouvelle Star is much better than American Idol, IMO. There is something more real, less plastic "Hollywood" about the French version. I appreciate the celebration in France of the unique, the interesting, and the talented. There is not an expectation for people to fit into some predetermined, fake style/fashion of the moment.

Beth said...

Babs- OMG! Where did you read that?

Joy- I'm so glad you enjoyed it. i've listened to it several times now. I would SO buy an album of this girl's music!

And ITA that NS is very non-Hollywood. It is very quirky and doesn't have all the life produced right out of it.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I must look to see when this is on, not sure how I have not seen it. Diane

Beth said...

It's on M6 on Wednesday nights. Next week will be the final show of this season and should be good!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Thanks Beth, I will certainly watch the final on Wednesday, Diane

Nitika said...

We have an Indian Idol here :)

I could not understand a word of what this girl was singing but her voice is really good.

A big Hello to Babzee too :)


babzee said...

Lo siento, kiddo. I can't find the article (could have been a blogpost?) anywhere. I only noted briefly because you have raved about "NS" in the past, but I don't watch any reality shows or contests so I didn't pay that much attention. If I stumble upon it again I will send on.

Beth said...

BTW- Luce WON!!!