Saturday, June 05, 2010

Yesterdays's shopping spree was great fun, but today hasn't been so shabby, either. We spent the day in Geneva.
Our Guest Twins were particularly keen to go, as they'd never been to Switzerland before.
All the girls had a great time shopping and doing all the usual tourist stuff:

From the photos, you'd guess it was a perfect day.
And it was, mostly.
(Except for the part where Mallory vomitted in the back of the car and got it all over her pants, obliging me to immediately buy her a new pair at the H&M. And then when the parking ticket machine short-changed me 30 Swiss Francs and the attendent said I'd get paid back "eventually, probably".)


oreneta said...

Poor Mallory. Sounds like it was otherwise fun though.

Joy said...

Oh, poor girl. The "eventually, probably" made me snort a little, though. ;)

The Pliers said...

I hate to vomit. You are a good mother to buy her a pair of pants in the aftermath of the vomit episode. It's all any of us would want under the same circumstances, n'est-ce pas?

Heidi said...

Geneva is so beautiful - spent my junior year in college there at the Université (see, my claims of rusty-but-fluent French are accurate, I promise!). I miss it!

I.W Mitchell (mr le marquis) said...

Yup - that's Switzerland! They are the only people I know in the World who are capable of getting the last coin (of any currency) out of the pockets of visitors. Careful of course in "Appenzellerland" - Dog and cat meat often on the menus!aeardes

Beth said...

well, vomit-encrusted pants do tend to put a damper on one's fun...and I wanted Mal to enjoy her day out.

ITA both that Geneva is lovely AND that the Swiss can be a bit scary. get this:In Switzerland it is still legal for cats to be killed for their fur!!! It's used to make coats and blankets. Traditionally, it's believed to be highly effective against rheumatism.
A law against this has just been passed and will finally go into effect next year. Not a day too soon. Gah!

I.W Mitchell (mr le marquis) said...

It may be legal in Switzerland, but what is illegal in the EU is the ex/importing of such things. The Post in France and Germany used to allow the passage, without control of such things into the EU. It's about 2 years ago that I participated and published in an e-mail petition and campaign against it. You can see that in Switzerland things move slowly, particularly when there is money involved!Incidentally, although illegal, the consommation of domestic animals is still advertised on Menus in parts of Switzerland - Rabbit, they tell me, is very similar to cat meat, the only difference is one rib more...Civilisez place Switzerland, that's why a lot of World Organisations are installed!