Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having only one estimate for the Big Move seemed unwise. Ouagadougou to the French Alps is a looong way and lot of money. So, on the recommendation of friends over at the French Embassy ( Yeah, I move in exalted circles. Peel me a grape and pass the escargot.) , I had another company come over yesterday and look at my jam-packed House o'Stuff.
Company Number Two today produced an estimate proposing the EXACT same size of container as Company Number One, but costing over $1000 more. But they probably charge more because they have superhuman powers over matter at the quantum level that allow them to fit far more into their containers than any other company. Cool, huh? At least, that's all I can figure out, because they SWEAR that the armoire, buffet, dresser, bookshelves, etc, will all fit in a 20 foot container. This is in direct contrast to Company Number One who seemed to think that a 20 footer would nearly be filled by just my books and the twins' extensive Barbie collection .

Besides the above concerns, there is also the twins' First Holy Communion party to plan.
The invitations are going out this week. They are made with Papiers du Sahel recycled paper and feature this very adorable picture that I took this morning:


Bridget said...

It is very amazing being the mother of extremely gorgeous children. I know this as I am one myself (a mother of beauteous offspring). Congratulations on the twinspiring photo.

babzee said...

My daughter looked at this photo and exclaimed "One is so much prettier than the other!" I nodded and said "This one, right?" and she replied, "You're crazy! The other one!" I'll never tell. Both are ethereal beauties (from a long line of the same, Bridget!) and we thank you for providing something for everybody!