Saturday, April 05, 2008

In an amazing last-minute development, Alexa's doctor managed to find a not-quite-expired, half empty box of Flecaine last night! As soon as I got the call, I rushed over to the clinic to pick it up, feeling that Whatever Higher Power May Be is much kinder to me than I probably deserve.

I am also very happy (not as happy as I am about the meds showing up , but still pretty darn) to report that my second article has been published! It can be found in an on-line parenting magazine called Hybrid Mom.

Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement and very kind comments on this blog. It was all the great feedback I've gotten here that finally gave me the confidence to start writing and submitting articles. I couldn't have done it without you!


somebird said...

congrats beth, beautiful article!

babzee said...

You are SO cool. It's easy for your fans to read the familiar cadence and some of your classic stories, but thrilling to think of BurkinaMom becoming the Favorite Blogger of a whole new wave of readers!

I'm printing out your article and distributing it to the Readers' Circle of the Brookdale Independent Senior Living Facility of Roswell Georgia!! Beat that!

BurkinaMom said...

Thanks , Leena!

Ms. Smarty Pants-
How typical that you find a way to combine a compliment to friend with a kindness towards a bunch of elderly folk. Clever, that!