Thursday, April 03, 2008

Soon I will be posting The Second Very Long List of What to Bring/Not Bring to Ouagadougou- and I'll expect you all to pay attention because I have authority!! I am a freaking PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!

It's a small article, not a novel.
It's on an internet site, not in an actual paper-based, IRL reading medium.
But I'm excited anyway!

It's on a cool site called ExpatExchange

Some of it revisits a few of the points I made here on the blog yesterday.
Some of it is all new.
Some of it is pretty funny. Ex: "You do need to be prepared, but you are moving to West Africa, not to the first human colony on Mars."

Other news: I have another article being published soon in a parenting magazine. No news yet on whether it will be only online or if it will also be in the print version.
Yes, BurkinaMom has been BUSY lately!


Benoit Lescarbeau said...

Congratulations! All excellent, hands-on advice. Have you considered writing a chapter or two for a travel guidebook?

I've started packing and my arms are indeed quite sore (got my shots yesterday). Luckily, I already had my yellow fever from a previous project abroad, but I do remember the sting from that one.

I found this nice french/moore/dioula lexicon, your readers might enjoy it:

I'll try to hire some domestic help as suggested, but it'll seem so strange at first...

Pardon My French said...

Congratulations, Ms Big Hot Shot Published Author! You deserve it. Let us know more about the parenting magazine...

babzee said...

Joke: a writer died and went before St. Peter, who told her that due to a technical oversight she would be allowed to choose where she spent eternity. Being a thoughtful person, she said, "Let's compare! First I want to see Hell."

She was taken to a dark, endless hall where millions of writers sat chained to their desks and typewriters, deprived of light, food, water and company.

"This sucks!" she cried. "Let's have a look at Heaven."

St. Peter then took her to an identical hall, where millions of writers sat in identical misery.

"Good grief!" the writer said. "What's the difference?"

"Ah ha," replied St. Peter. "In Heaven, you get published!"