Monday, April 14, 2008

I’m not one to go getting all technical on people. My own grasp of this blogging stuff is laughable. Frankly, I don’t even see how the Internet is possible. In fact, if you told me that the worldwide data information flow works thanks to magic spells carried out using Fairy Dust and the blood of kittens sacrificed during a full moon, I would probably believe you.

But I do feel like some of you may have, perhaps, noticed that the nifty NeoWorx counter with all the adorable, tiny flags is gone. It sort of disappeared one day with no warning. If I were the kind of person that makes frown-y faces with punctuation marks, I would insert one here _____

The flag counter was supposed to be a free feature, but maybe there was some fine print I missed there. At any rate, it’s gone and I don’t trust them enough to try again. So, at right you will note a small, tidy counter that will do the job and not just wander off one day, never to be seen again.

When adding the new counter, I took the opportunity to correct a mistake I made back in 2006. In November of that month, I changed counters from the very simple one I was using and put up the fancy (and ultimately cruel and fickle) one with flags. At that point, I had welcomed 6847 visitors to my blog. But when I changed over, I didn’t realise that you didn’t have to start from zero again. (Yes, that IS how dumb I am. Thank you for asking). So, I started at zero and over the following 16 months, the new NeoWorx counter crept up past 6500 visitors.

So, when put up the new counter today, I added in the visits from before November 2006.

I just didn’t want anyone thinking that I had some obscure, particularly pathetic mental illness that involves aggrandising oneself via blog counters.

And this is were you all write in to the comments section saying: “ What ARE you nattering on about? I never even noticed that there had been any change. Sheesh. What a fuss over nothing."


Anonymous said...

Totally rotten timing. Am jetlagged and there's a blasted mosquito haunting this internet terminal, but I logged on from here in Medan, Indonesia JUST to make Indonesia appear in the counter. I mean, I want to read, but at the moment I want to sleep. Quelle tragedie!

Salamat malam,

BurkinaMom said...

You've just flown from the USA to Indonesia and your first act upon landing is to try to get me a little Indonesian flag for my blog? You are a true and loyal friend and I have let you down with my lack of mad blogging skillz.

I hope you have a FABULOUS trip and that I'll be hearing more from you! Better have all kinds of crazy non-mom-type adventures while you still can!!

Bridget said...

Well, this really stinks. I liked the flags, too. BTW, Art and I agree that Valentine's Calligraphy is astonishingly gorgeous, and it's not because we're related.