Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The kids are on holiday for two weeks. So, while I have no shortage of things to blog about, time is the problem. I have been keeping busy.
One project has been to teach my girls the basics of sewing. I got out the old machine my mother in law gave me years back and we went at it, producing a couple of dresses for the twins' favorite toys:

Those were just made from scraps, but I have been spending lots of time in fabric shops, getting material for various projects.
Here's the costume I designed for the twin's dance recital coming up next month. I didn't sew it myself, as there are great local tailors that can do it lots faster than I can. They will be made in five different colors and worn at the big show at the CCF

And here's another design. Valentine wanted a Renaissance Fair costume. (Yes, they are catching on in France!) We had a tailor sew most of the costume, but I did some modifications at home.

Best of all, thanks to support from my friends and family back in the USA, I have been able to help my handicapped friend Yvonne improve her simple home. The mud brick walls were caving in, making it dangerous for her and her children. Now they have a cement brick wall!
And the new gate is wider, making it much easier for her to get her wheelchair through. Here's the before and after:

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babzee said...

Most Americans think that life is France is pretty much like walking around in a Renaissance Faire full time. (I know I do!) Enjoy the kids' holidays!