Sunday, May 04, 2008

A big dust storm just blew in about an hour ago.
Strong winds whipped the fine Saharan grit around and made breathing difficult for anyone unlucky enough left outside.
After we rushed around closing all the windows, something possessed me to go outside and take a few pictures.
The asthma that I developed since moving to Ouaga didn't allow me to go far or stay out long. These are just a few snaps from off of our front terrace.

After a while, a bit of rain fell, but it was so sparse and blown so hard by the wind that it barely dampened the ground.
It's past normal Harmattan season, but not yet rainy season either - just a freaky little storm, I guess...

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Lukas said...

I very like and enjoy your vivid blogg - thank you for spending your time and energy on this project :)