Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm back online! The pain-in-the-neck server problem over at Liptinfor is fixed, so I once again have internet and email, effectively rejoining the 21st century.

Not like I have lots of time to blog- For example, I spent the morning making this cake for tomorrow's big party. In case you were wondering: yes, it does take huge amounts of time and patience to make 50 roses out of icing.

Now I'm dealing with other tasks- placecards, seating chart, etc.

I probably won't post again here until the big event is over.
Wish us luck!


rosevioletsong said...

I'm commenting more to send a message than actually to comment. I found your blog by Googling for "Chicago Burkina Faso NGO"; it comes up first! Anyway, I'm commenting to ask if you know of any good organizations in Burkina Faso or other French-speaking African countries that could use a volunteer for a while and that do genuine and lasting good for the people there without the wastes you mentioned in a lot of the NGOs. I'm aiming for medical school in the long run, but I'm not really qualified to do much in that area yet unless you know of some good health education/prevention projects that need lackeys. I'm sure you're busy, but if you feel like venting opinions/recommendations at me, my email is

Thanks for your blog! Good luck on your move to France! Sincerely, Katherine

Benoit Lescarbeau said...

Impressive. I think we had chicken in boxes delivered for my first communion... You must be a pretty good mom after all!