Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm still down with a rotten cold and not up for much blogging. So, today you get to see my son's art project. He was assigned to create a piece of art to convey the idea of a "nuit blanche" (sleepless night). He came up with this idea of a box, painted black outside. The interior is white and through the window cut in the box, you can see the tiny figure of a sad little clay man sitting on his bed. The interior is lit with a strong light.
My photos isn't the best, as it was kind of hard to get the view and lighting right, but it gives an idea.
I think it is really expressive and his teacher agreed, as it was given the best grade in the class. (Would I like a side of brag with that boast? Why yes, thank you!)

Besides that, my cat needs a hernia operation and we STILL have no furniture in the living room. Like hippies forgotten by time, we squat on the floor on brightly colored cushions. If this goes on much longer, we're going to be putting on sitar music and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs.
I guess I haven't mentioned that I had the rattan living room furniture sent away for some slight repairs and revarnishing. It all went off about a week ago and it's still not done!


Bridget said...

CATS???? You are giving cats operations?? with anesthesia no doubt!

Severin's piece is so evocative. Has he ever suffered from sleepless nights? Any road, great artistic job.

oreneta said...

That is a truly impressive piece of is very compelling...kudos to say the least.

Benoit Lescarbeau said...

Quite good! No close-up of the little man available? Maybe from before entering the box?

Anonymous said...

very existentialist piece. sev has a great eye for form/space (remember the angkor sculpture?).