Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ouaga weather has been great lately- unusually cool. By that I mean that some days it doesn't go up over the 100°F mark, so it's all relative. But the hottest month is behind us and May is feeling pretty good. Plus the forecasts call for a pretty cool weekend, just in time for the twins' First Communion festivities this Saturday!
Thrillingly, the relatively cooler weather has meant less stress on the electric plant in Ouaga- which has meant fewer blackouts for us! In the last two weeks, we only had three power cuts, which was brilliant! And I'm expecting even fewer with the advent of the rainy season.

Not so brilliant is the fact that my internet connection at home once again has serious problems. I haven't been able to get online for over two days (since my last blog post). To add to my problems, there seems to be a further problem with my email. I'm posting this from an internet café after attempting to open my mailbox. It seems to be a problem with Liptinfor. It's very frustrating as I know there are emails from lots of you. I am trying to fix this problem. But if it's really important, please call me. Moderately important stuff can go to the comments section of this blog. As I have an "approval before posting" system, I can read the messages and then delete them.

Ouaga is on the last day of a three day long general strike. Maybe it sounds impressive, but it hasn't been that big of a deal -which is sort of NOT the point of a strike, people! But most people say that they can't afford to stop working for even one day. So, the only things closed have been a few public services like the post office and the courthouse. The buses are running, supermarkets open and schools in session. Somehow, I don't think this strike is going to make the government cave in to the demand for 25% salary increases.

Our household is curently focused on the upcoming party this Saturday. Valentine is making the calligraphy placecards for the 60 guests. JP and I puzzle over the seating arrangements (ie: where to seat the US Ambassador, the Vice-President of the Burkina Faso legislature, the ex-Minister of the Interior of Burkina, and a priest. They all need to go at the head table, but in what order???) I am also starting the cake today, which I have big plans for.

As for my friend S. from yesterday's post. She believed me (and the pharmacist) and will stick with her generic supplements. But she (like me!) was pretty bewildered at why a doctor would try to make her spend nearly half her monthly income on a medication that can be bought at a fraction of the price.
Also- thanks to my kind neighbors T. and K., I was able to give S. a bag full of lovely and practical baby clothes!

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Benoit Lescarbeau said...

Good luck, it looks like it's gonna be an amazing party!

I'm also quite relieved to hear the weather is going to be colder for the week-end. House hunting will be easier...