Thursday, November 13, 2008

Guess what??
I got a prize!! I am a "Kreativ Blogger". Yay me and thanks Oreneta for the kind thought!
One of the responsibilities that comes with the prize is making a list of three things that make me happy. It's kind of tough to only name three, but here are the ones I picked:
1. Learning/doing something new. Plastering a wall, running a small library, creating a blog, playing WoW (more on that another day!)- I am really happiest when I am having a new experience and aquiring a new skill.
2. France. Burkina Faso was nice, but it was never really home. I could never, not for one moment kid myself and imagine that I was "chez moi". I was always the outsider, the sore thumb sticking out. I could never just blend in and be a normal person going about a normal day's work. But in France, I can. I can be part of the scenery. And lovely scenery it is.
3. Books!!!
The second responsibility is to pass on the award to six deserving bloggers. My choices lean towards blogs with great writing because that's what I'm looking for when I read a blog. I'm not looking for photos, craft ideas or recipes. I'm all about the writing. So, none of my picks are blogs that are "Kreativ" because they teach you how to make a cute toilet paper roll holder out of old egg cartons, cotton balls and pine cones.
The award goes to:
1. Leena at some sort of bird. She is a lovely and dynamic young woman who lived in Burkina and worked with me at Papiers du Sahel. Now she's at university in Canada. Creative? Heck yes! Shes' a vegetarian yoga teacher and shares recipes as well as general insights. What's not to love?
2. Framericaine is a seemingly tireless blogger over at Halfway to France. She's always got great photos and even better writing. She does all those long, thoughtful, analytical pieces that I wish I were writing. So, she's another lucky recipient of the award.
3.More really excellent writing is to be had over at chitlins & camembert. What Amy really deserves is that book contract she's hoping for. But all I've got is this virtual award. Sorry.
4. Reb is writing up a storm over at Uh Oh Spaghettios. She's a skilled writer and often makes me laugh. And besides writing, she's a fellow house renovator/ do-it-yourselfer and we all know that that takes lots of "kreativity" as well as a certain amount of crazy optimism. So, the fourth award goes to Reb.
5. Pardon My French is another blog deserving of a shout-out and a nice little pink and green award to display. It's the saga of a US expat mom and has interesting, creative posts.
6. The final award has to go to Valentine at My So-Called Life in Africa. She may be my daughter, but I know excellent writing when I read it. She's funny, insightful and just amazing. Tragically, she hasn't blogged since JULY! I'm hoping the award will motivate her (at least, it gives her an obvious subject to post about!) and get her blogging again.


oreneta said...

Good is so difficult to make these decisions now. Nice to read what makes folks happy.

Are you still teaching English? I have some website links that might help you out.

La Framéricaine said...

Dear Beth,

Thank you for the kind acknowledgment! I will get right on this just as soon as I get the mess from the grand trip sorted out. I'm excited to concentrate on what makes me happy--although, my list risks overlapping with yours!

à très bientôt...

Bridget said...

YES, I absolutely agree. Tya is a gifted writer and should WRITE. Nag her or whatever it takes.

Beth said...

Nope, I'm not teaching English. But thanks for the offer. Valentine was hoping to do some tutoring , like she did in Ouaga, to earn spending money. But she's So busy with school that she has NO time.

Reb said...

thanks Beth. It's a real honor getting a prize from a blogger who I respect as much as you.

Beth said...

My pleasure. I don't keep up with many blogs- just a handful and your is one of them, Reb. And I know how little things can provide a lift to a tired expat mom!