Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The tables have turned, finally! Gone are the days when random French people would come up to me, asking me why the USA did such bad things in the world and why we had such a clueless jerk as our president.

As if I knew. I sure never voted Republican.

But NOW the USA has a young, liberal, multi-racial President elected by a large margin because of his promises of profound change and France is stuck with a business-as-usual old, white reactionary.
As my kids would say: Sweet!


oreneta said...

Saweeeeeeeeeettttttttt Indeeeeeeeeeeed!!!!!!

La Framéricaine said...

"I second that emotion!"

"Sweet!", indeed.

High fives all around and a few fist bumps for good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

We are getting e-mails too from all our cultured Euro-friends from countries w/ social policies I've been insanely jealous of---but none of them lives in a country ready to elect a minority president! Yeah for us....I feel like I can finally hold my head up high when I travel.

Susan from upstate NY

Reb said...

Very nicely said.