Saturday, November 01, 2008

There's still four days left before the kids go back to school. As usual, a holiday for the kids means absolutely no free time for mom. And that means the blog falls by the wayside, even though there is much to blog about.
On Thursday, for example, I drove the kids up to the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. We visited the lovely walled village of Gruyeres. (Yes, like the cheese. )
But instead of visiting the cheese-making farm, we opted for the Nestle chocolate factory nearby. It involved a short tour and all the chocolate you cared to eat. Fun, but also a journey of self-discovery. You get to find out just how much self-discipline you have.
I have none, so no surprises there.

Another highlight of the day was the visit to the local castle.
Click on the link in the right sidebar to see the whole album of the visit.

Here's a picture I took of the snow we got here at home on Wednesday night. It's the view from our balcony.

I SO love living in France!!

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La Framéricaine said...

After 40 years in SoCal, I am going to be like a bumpkin before SNOW. I'm excited because if my experience of living in France is half as nice as yours, I will have died and gone to heaven while President Obama works on saving the USA. I can watch from a distance!

I left you an invitation to play blahg graffitti and make like a tagger. If you have no inclination to be engaged in such an activity, I'll understand completely.

"Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!"