Sunday, November 16, 2008

It arrives tomorrow!!! The 20 foot-long metal box containing all our suff from Burkina Faso will be delivered here to our home in the French Alps.

It was only supposed to take two months for our things to make the trip from Ouagadougou by rail to the port in Dakar, onto a container vessel , to a warehouse in Marseille, to Lyon and finally to our home near Geneva. But here it is, nearly five months later...

I will be SO happy to see again my: books, sewing machine, electronic keyboard, sheet music, dvds, cds, scrapbooks, blankets, cast iron griddle, armchairs, loveseat, step for aerobics, nightstands, lamps, Christmas tree ornaments, bookshelves, carpets, and sugar-free Jello (hope it's still good...)

JP has been desperate for important books and papers that he needs for teaching.
The twins await with impatience Severin's old Pokemon card collection that he promised to pass on to them as soon as it arrives.
Valentine misses her books most

So, if I don't blog for a couple of days, you'll know why. There is going to be mad organisation and shifting going on around here. Wish me luck.


oreneta said...

Christmas is coming early at your house!!! Have fun.

La Framéricaine said...

I know exactly how you feel and I am so happy for your entire family to be reunited with the stuff in your container!

Le Framéricain and I sent a 20ft container to France on 3/17/08 and he went to France to receive it in Le Blanc on 4/25/08. Fortunately, everything went smooth as silk. However, that means that we have now been without all but the most survival level of our treasured stuff--photo albums, CDs, genealogy papers, etc., for more than a year, given that it was all packed up and in storage long before it was shipped.

I hope that it will be like Christmas twice this year for you and your family, as I hope it will be for me around next April!

Just think how all that stuff is going to have a whole new life after such a long celebration! Yippee!

babzee said...

A close friend of mine once lived with a family who threw out (or gave away) everything they hadn't used in six months. Apparently they had so few things, they could go through *everything* they owned that often and were also very conservative in what they acquired. Maybe next lifetime, for me. Happy unpacking!